Scott Quilter

Scott Quilter

Principal Consultant

SharePoint has been a solution by Microsoft for over twenty years. Without giving away my age I have been working with the product for most of that time watching it grow through its early content management days to the now completely redeveloped Online version.

Those that know the service will understand version control and recycle bins but in this insight, I want to share 5 of the lesser-known modern features that are available to everyone.

Home site

With every Office 365 tenant that is actively using SharePoint Online, you can promote one of your sites to being the Home site. This has benefits including focusing the home button visible on every site to support the integration with Team and Viva Connections. Microsoft has plans to improve this even more in the future so it’s well worth looking into configuring.


Usage Analytics

Every site now has its analytics to show the activity and sharing that is taking place. This becomes extremely useful when understanding how the site is being used and what files are being shared. If your site is promoted as one of the Hubs for information, then Hub Analytics are also now available.

Page Templates

If you are regularly creating news or information pages then why not capture the layout and Web Parts in a page template? Easy to do as an option for a SharePoint page this then gives everyone creating pages the ability to use your template.

SharePoint site template GIF

Label Integration

If you are not benefiting from Sensitivity and Retention labels then you should, as this is part of the Office 365 licence. When you do start using them then you can add these fields to your document library views making tagged security and compliance information available to all. Even the ability to see when a document was tagged can be useful information.

Mobile App

Like with every Office 365 Service, there is an app, and the SharePoint Online app can be very useful in accessing information. It collates all your news from across every site you have access to as well as the ability to find and open your SharePoint sites. Another great feature is seeing your recent documents and being able to search across all of SharePoint for people, files and news.

If you want to know more about this and many of the other features in SharePoint Online then let us know.

Originally published November 9 2022, Updated July 3, 2023

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