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Adam Priscott


The intranet is the trusted location for organisation news so it’s important to create engagement and a community within your business. There are many ways to support creating good content and as a Marketing or Internal Communications team, you may already have a comms plan to keep on top of the scheduling.  

A lot of the content that comes from a business is typically very formal and focused on business updates and change within the organisation, however the impact of informal news can really enhance engagement and intranet usage. It’s the informal news we see that makes people come back to the intranet and start leaving comments & liking posts.  

In this article we’re going to go into some fun informal ways you can fill up your news hero. These news series are things you can do repeatedly, the idea is that the articles can be templated and used across multiple departments or different team members to start generating fun content that your colleagues can start looking forward to seeing on a regular basis: 

Introducing Articles

These are not only great for introducing new joiners to the business, but existing staff members as well. If you look at it from a new joiner perspective, it would be great to see articles on current colleagues so you can get to know people and find common interests.  

Internally, we provide our new joiners with a template to fill out which will be published on our intranet upon joining and then after publishing, they get to nominate someone to write the next introducing article (ensuring one hasn’t been written before).

Personal Achievements

These can be great pieces to share across the business to encourage recognition between staff members and opening conversations about topics outside of work. It shows that you are interested in people more than just business results and sharing these examples will only enhance your colleague relationships.


I love the idea of running competitions from the intranet to really increase engagement and a sense of involvement across the business. It’s always great to open the floor up in business decisions to give people a platform to share their opinion. Some examples I can think of is naming meeting rooms or something much smaller like voting on a graphic or design from a Marketing team who are torn on a decision.


These can be great fun and should be highlighted on the intranet to register interest in the competition initially but to also keep people informed.  I’ve seen annual tournaments and league tables created for sports such as golf, indoor football, table tennis, running, steps, fantasy football & baking to name a few. All events that mostly take place outside of work of course but are advocated by the business. There is a great company I’ve worked with that in a similar fashion to Harry Potter, will place new joiners into a “House” and during their annual company events, these house teams will compete in a series of challenges which really demonstrate teamwork & help people get to know other colleagues who may work in separate departments.

Archived Stuff

Or commonly known as “Throwbacks” is a great nostalgic news article that can be shared that also provides context on certain decisions or historic events within the business. It could be old offices, old layouts or old graphics / business names. Grabbing things from the “Archive” is a great way to start engagement and comments on the post. “I remember when…”

Review Corner

This has become very popular during recent times and really helped during the pandemic when WFH first came apparent. Writing a review is for anyone to compile and on any subject, you can make it specific to certain categories or open it up for anyone to review anything. It not only helps share opinions and provide recommendations but also a great way for people to get some more of their personality across. I’ve seen reviews being shared on books, films, tv series, food recipes + restaurants.

Community Events

#SupportLocal, a scheme we've been running to support local businesses, has really seen an uptake in the type of news our comms team are sharing, and they’ve gone down very well. It keeps everyone informed on what’s happening locally and can help provide ideas for stuff to do on the weekend with the family and friends, as well as ideas for incentive prizes and company events.

Pet Series

An introducing article for a dog or a cat followed by a series of cute photos? How can that not be received well! 😊 As you can imagine, these types of articles get lots of engagement! The more photos – the better! There are other types of articles you can do around pets, I have also seen a “guess the owner” type article which in a similar fashion, still uses lots of imagery focused on a little furry friend.

Guess The...

Guessing games/articles are a great way to get engagement but also start little competitions which can be rewarded. Guess the owner, guess the desk and we have also seen a “guess where I am hiding” before which usually gets lots of laughs.


Now that you have some ideas to fill up your news hero, pick the ideas you like most and start working on your first article. With these ideas, a lot of them can be shared and generated from other content authors within the business. What you could also do to start things off, is run a poll and let your colleagues choose which types of news content they would like to see – If “Pet Series” receives the most votes, you know where to start.

Once you have your series templates defined, build them into your content plans to maintain a steady stream of news to your intranet.

Originally published August 13 2021, Updated August 13, 2021

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