Steve Clements

Steve Clements

Head of Development

Wait, an article not related to COVID-19, this can’t be!  Well, yes, the SharePoint wheels keep on rolling and updates are still finding their way into the public domain.  Please enjoy and stay safe during these troubled times – we wish you and yours well.

Here are our picks of the updates this month coming from the SharePoint Product Team.

SharePoint Mobile

Custom Branding

The SharePoint Mobile app now supports your custom branding, including colours, text settings, and your company logo in SVG format. Your custom branding settings will automatically apply to users on the latest version of the SharePoint app, and is being rolled out through April.



Coming Soon – Multilingual Publishing

Communication sites will soon support translations of site pages and news articles. Translators can be assigned who will get notifications when a new article is published and can be translated. Users will see content based on their preferred language settings, can change the language the site of page is displayed in, and will see content in the selected language once translations are available. This feature is expected to be rolled out in May.


Audience Targeting

Audience targeting will soon be rolled out to site navigation, enabling site owners to target links to specific audiences, helping users to get to the content and resources they need

Classic Team Site Upgrade

Last month we mentioned classic team site home pages will be automatically updated to the modern experience. The rollout was initially scheduled to begin in March, but has now been pushed back to May.

Originally published April 7 2020, Updated April 20, 2023

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