Samantha Gower

Samantha Gower

Managing Director

We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to our active and upcoming sustainability projects, Perspicuity have been recognised by Support the Goals, an initiative to rate and recognise the businesses that support the UN Global Goals, as a five-star organisation 

“At Perspicuity, we've always been an organisation where sustainability sits as a core value. In collaboration with our team, multiple initiatives have kicked off but with thanks to Support the Goals, we now have framework in place in which we can meaningfully measure our efforts against and contribute back to the UN Sustainable development goals. Not only are we including our suppliers and partners, but we’re beginning to share and encourage our customers to join us on this journey. Our 5* rating cements for us – that our efforts are recognised and that we as an organisation are heading in the right direction”. – Elliott Carter | Experience Executive  

Throughout 2022, we’ve launched multiple initiatives to accelerate our sustainability journey: 

  • Introducing Sustainability Reports - We’re extremely proud to have published our first-annual Sustainability report: this where we outline our key targets, progress throughout the year and insight into our partnerships to help us achieve our goals. Read more here.   
  • Becoming a climate-positive workforce with Ecologi - We've partnered with Ecologi to become a Climate Positive Organisation. This covers our team’s personal and professional lives — in addition, we're planting individual trees for each new colleague who joins us, each new piece of work we take on and for every bit of feedback we receive. Check out our progress here. 
  • Support the Goals – Helping us build the foundations and framework for our sustainability journey, Support the Goals have provided us a framework where we can measure our efforts against when looking at the impact we’re making against the UN sustainable development goals. View our rating here. 
  • Promoting collective action with Trust X Alliance - We’re working with Trust X Alliance to promote and share our sustainable practices with 100s of other like-minded businesses and bring them along in our journey, so we can collectively achieve more progress towards sustainability together. Learn more about Trust X Alliance here.
  • Microsoft Partner Pledge - Designed to not only focus on sustainability, but the Microsoft Partner Pledge also addresses broader societal challenges including digital skills, apprenticeships, diversity, and responsible and ethical AI. We’ve signed the pledge and we’re actively doing more. 
  • Introducing Focus Groups – We’ve created 4x focus groups, each centred around one of our priority UN Sustainable development Goals: Good Health and Wellbeing, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Climate Action. Our groups are made up of colleagues from the whole business and are designed to collaborate and bring to life new ideas on how we as a business can support the individual gaols, build plans, excite and report back to the business on progress. 

For us, sustainability is more than just signing pledges and planting trees, it’s about embedding sustainable business practices into the day-to-day and getting active involvement from fellow colleagues. We’re immensely lucky to have such a passionate bunch of colleagues that really want to make meaningful change within the business.  

What we’re doing isn’t perfect – it is still a work in progress, but we are now well on the way and excited about the contribution to sustainability and Support the Goals that we can make 

Originally published September 1 2022, Updated September 1, 2022

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Sustainability at Perspicuity

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Sustainability at Perspicuity