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In 2023, it is essential that organisations take a strategic approach to their modern intranets. One key aspect of this is ensuring that the right individuals or teams are responsible for managing and maintaining the intranet. In many organisations, this responsibility solely relied on IT, however it is the internal Communications Team that are more ideally positioned to take on this role.

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Why should this sit with Comms?

By having the internal Communications Team own the corporate intranet, organisations can ensure that the intranet is effectively aligned with their overall communications strategy. An intranet helps to improve collaboration, as employees can access all the information they need in one central location. It can also support digital transformation, by providing employees with the tools and resources they need to work more efficiently and effectively.

Internal Comms can help to foster and promote a positive company culture. By using the intranet to share important news and updates, recognise employee achievements, and promote organisational values, the internal communications team can help to create a sense of community and connection within the organisation. This in addition to the tools Microsoft also provides through Yammer and Microsoft Teams, make for a great collection of user-centric applications which is why we always recommend hosting your intranet on SharePoint.

We don’t just want the full responsibility to fall on internal communications though as it is natural that they will be driving a lot of the engagement from the intranet and especially the homepage. Assigning designated content authors from each department can help to ensure that the intranet remains relevant and up-to-date. By involving employees from different teams and departments in the content creation process, organisations can ensure that the intranet reflects the diverse needs and interests of their workforce.

In conclusion...

In 2023 and beyond, it is essential for organisations to take a strategic approach to their modern intranets. By having the internal Communications Team own the intranet, with the help of designated content authors from each department, organisations can improve collaboration, support digital transformation, foster a positive culture, and enhance productivity.

Originally published January 24 2023, Updated January 24, 2023

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