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Steve Clements

Head of Development

Quite a light month in terms of updates from Microsoft this month; it seems most of their efforts have been aimed at the government cloud.  However there are a few and we’re bringing you the highlights as always!

Employee engagement

Mover rolled out worldwide

Mover is a service that was acquired by Microsoft in the last quarter of 2019.  Since then it’s only been available to US customers.  Now Mover has been rolled out across the world.

Mover migrates files from other cloud services e.g. DropBox, Google Drive etc to Office 365.

Live events

Currently in public preview, you can now create live events from within Stream, Yammer or Teams.  In these times of travel restrictions, the timing of release is excellent.

Microsoft Teams Live Viewer Page

Global Reader role

We all know the Global admin role, now we have the Global reader role.  This new role offers read-only access to everything the admin can see. It will certainly help in reducing the number of Global admins in your tenant.  Excellent for things like planning, auditing and viewing reports.


Classic team site upgrade

Classic team site home pages that are unmodified, meaning the same webparts in the same place as when created, will now be automatically upgraded to the modern experience.

The modern experience is quite different and if you’re not familiar please do get in touch with us and we’ll help.

Introducing... Percy Academy

Last month we launched our Virtual Learning Environment to our Percy intranet solution customers, enabling you to build courses for internal training and on-boarding scenarios.  Additionally, there are the usual VLE capabilities, including the ability to create courses from your existing SharePoint content that has built up over the years. Learn More About Percy Academy...

Percy Academy

The New Office Mobile App

Mobile applications should be simple, and Microsoft are moving in the right direction with the new Office app. This unifies Word, Excel and PowerPoint under a single app, whilst saving on storage space and introducing new features. You can read our insights on it here.


Originally published March 6 2020, Updated March 6, 2020

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